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Metadata is data that provides additional context or information about other data. Metadata can be any additional data that assists to define or describe the attributes of a particular asset. It is the basis for all search functionality within SHARE.

Metadata Setup

Any user with the Instance Admin role will have permission to access the “System Panel”. The System Panel is where metadata Sections, Groups and Fields are created, configured and managed.

Organizing Metadata

SHARE defines a metadata hierarchy that includes a top level of metadata “Sections”, with a sub section of “Groups”. Individual metadata “Fields” are located within each “Groups” section.

(Example of how this will be represented for users in Share)


Creating a new field allows you to add fields so users can add meta information to each asset



Access to the Admin Panel is located in the Avatar menu at the top right of the SHARE page.


The display name users will see in SHARE (required)


Text, Long Text, Numeric & Dropdown (required)


Displays a standard text input field

Long Text

Displays a larger text input field best for long descriptive text


Displays a date picker for easy selection

Available options:

  • Allow Past Dates (Toggle) - Allows users to select past dates


Displays an input that only allows number values (max length of 16 digits).

Displays a dropdown that allows users to select values from a predefined list.

  • Configurable to allow users to select multiple values from the predefined list.

Available options:

  • Allow Multi Select
    • Allows users to select multiple values from the predefined list
  • Values
    • An input for users to add the values which will populate the dropdown or multi-select


Displays a value of True or False (Yes or No).


By default every new field will be placed in the "Meta Information" group

Admins can change this to set the field within the required Group through selecting the existing Groups via dropdown.


By default, all metadata fields are toggled as searchable (Toggle set to “On”).


This configuration provides you the ability to create additional facets to narrow search results based on metadata fields set as Filters (Toggle set to “On”).