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Adding Metadata

Metadata is data that provides additional context or information about other data. Metadata can be any additional data that assists to define or describe the attributes of a particular asset. It is the basis for all search functionality within SHARE.

Most metadata fields are editable. You have the ability to create, delete or edit metadata in SHARE.

Adding Metadata

Any user with the permission to enter Metadata (Admin, Curator, Instance Admin) will be allowed to enter or remove metadata from the single asset view of share.

While in Edit Mode:
Enter or Return key saves the entry

Esc key cancels any changes and reverts the data back to the original value(s)

“Checkmark” and “X” will do the same respectively 

Bulk Adding Metadata

On the Multi Asset View of SHARE, select the assets you would like to apply metadata to and enter the metadata value in the appropriate metadata field or fields.


Users who do not have permission to create or edit metadata will not see the fields in SHARE that have no metadata values.

Metadata Types


Displays a standard input field

Long Text

Displays a larger text input field, for best for long descriptive text


Displays a date picker for easy selection


Displays an input that only allows number values with a maximum length of 16 digits

Displays a dropdown that allows user to select values from a predefined list (see Metadata section in the System Panel)


Dislplays a value of True or False (Yes or No)