Asset Type / File Format Support

SHARE supports the upload of all file types but only provides a preview for the following:

Type Extension Description
Document .pdf Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader
Image .ai Adobe Illustrator
Image .bmp Microsoft Windows Bitmap formatted image
Image .eps Encapsulated Postscript
Image .indd Adobe InDesign
Image .jpg, .jpeg Joint Photographic Experts Group; a lossy image format widely used to display photographic images
Image .png Portable Network Graphic (lossless, recommended for display and edition of graphic images)
Image .psd Adobe Photoshop Drawing
Image .tiff Tagged Image File Format (usually lossless, but many variants exist, including lossy ones)
Image .dng Adobe Digital Negative Raw Image file
Image .nef Nikon Electronic Format, and used solely on Nikon cameras, a file with the NEF file extension is a Nikon Raw Image file.
Image .cr2 Canon camera raw format; photos have this on some Canon cameras if the quality RAW is selected in camera settings
Video .gif Animated GIF (simple animation; until recently often avoided because of patent problems)
Video .avi container (a shell, which enables any form of compression to be used)
Video .flv Flash video (encoded to run in a flash animation)
Video .m4v Video container file format developed by Apple
Video .mov Quicktime - container which enables any form of compression to be used; Sorenson codec is the most common; QTCH is the filetype for cached video and audio streams
Video .mp4 MPEG-4 Part 14, shortened "MP4" – multimedia container
Video .mpe, .mpg Video format
Video .ogv OGV is a free lossy video compression format which is developed by
Video .wmv Windows Media Video
Audio .mp3 MP3 lossy audio data compression algorithm
HTML5 .zip Zip files containing HTML files which follow these Guidelines
Archived & Compressed .zip Standard compression format